Colorado Specific Dyslexia / Reading News

Why Isn’t Colorado’s Investment in Literacy Working?  By Ryan Warner January 31, 2019

Colorado Sun Article – By Chris Osher  January 29, 2019

Colorado spent $231 million to help young children catch up on reading. But rates of kids with significant deficiencies only worsened.

Colorado’s Dyslexic Students Face Systemic Challenges—If They Can Even Get A Diagnosis  – by Jenny Brundin  September 13, 2018


Check out resolution #LR26 from CASB’s 78th Annual Delegate Assembly in October 2018…

“CASB believes that it is imperative for the state of Colorado to adopt an official definition of dyslexia as defined by the National Institute of Health in agreement with the International Dyslexia Association.  We support early screening, professional development for educators, and additional funding to support the needs of these students.”

Secret to Top-Rate Colorado Schools’ Boost in Literacy Due to New Teaching Training Program, Officials Say

June 26, 2018

Colorado Springs Teachers Are Fighting the National Literacy Crisis and Winning, May 7, 2018