Our Mission

COKID is a grassroots parent-led advocacy group with current leadership representation from Boulder, St. Vrain, Adams 12, Littleton, and Douglas County. We have been advocating in our own districts, speaking at school boards, sitting on dyslexia task forces and other committees. Above all, we are parents of kids with dyslexia. We are in the process or have been through the process of trying to get our kids help. It has been a battle for us and for our kids. COKID’s mission is to ensure that all dyslexic children are identified and receive appropriate intervention and support to achieve their full potential. Children are slipping through the cracks of the existing system. We know that we can do better and that we have to do better.

Click here for a list of local KID groups around Colorado: https://www.cokid.org/local-dyslexia-parent-support-advocacy-groups-in-colorado/