Literacy Dialogue Tool & Curriculum Evaluation Tools

When we began our journeys, we didn’t know anything about Literacy or the Read Act.  We realized how much we wished to have a tool to help us navigate a very complicated topic.  In collaboration with Schools Cubed who helped us bring this tool to fruition, we developed this Literacy Dialogue Tool for you, the parent/caregiver, to navigate Evidenced and Scientifically based Literacy instruction for your child in the public school system in Colorado.  

Also below are the Curriculum Evaluation Tool developed by The Reading League, and a Reading Advocacy Tool developed by The Right to Read Project. All of these tools are so valuable to parents!

Colorado Read Act Literacy Dialogue Tool

The General Literacy Dialogue Tool is for parents/guardians who has a child in private schools or in other states (not subject to Colorado’s Read Act) who want to ensure their child is receiving scientifically and evidence based instruction in reading.  We also intend on having informational videos and Q & A sessions to help in advocating for your child’s education journey in regards to Literacy. Check back for links to those Q&A sessions.

Colorado Read Act Literacy Dialogue Tool (Spanish)

General Literacy Dialogue Tool

General Literacy Dialogue Tool (Spanish)

The Reading League Curriculum Evaluation Tool

The Reading League published the Curriculum Evaluation Tool in August 2020 to help determine if the curriculum being used or considered for use in a school is aligned with the Science of Reading.

The Right to Read Project – Reading Advocacy Guide

“Beginning and struggling readers should work on these five components of reading every day, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen in all classrooms. To know if you need to advocate for improved instruction for your child, you’ll need to inquire about the instructional materials used and ask to observe instruction.”