Code of Conduct

Colorado Kids Identified with Dyslexia Code of Conduct We expect every Interested Person (Director, Member, or Affiliate) of Colorado Kids Identified with Dyslexia (COKID) and its associated organizations, collectively the “KID” groups in Colorado, to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards while furthering the interests of those with dyslexia in Colorado.

The promotion or benefit of any person, company, product, service, organization, or professional services (for profit or non-profit) with which an Interested Person has any direct or indirect financial interest through business, investment, compensation arrangement, subcontracting services or family relationship is prohibited and shall be considered a conflict of interest unless otherwise determined by the COKID Board of Directors.

During the course of COKID business an Interested Person shall immediately notify the COKID Board of Directors if a conflict of interest arises so that they may take appropriate actions in the best interest of the organization.